Jelly Beans 20 g Bags x 100 - Single or 2 Colour (Promo)

Colour 1: Baby Pink
Colour 2: Black
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Jelly Beans 20 g Bags x 100 - Single or 2 Colour (Promo)

Introducing 20 gram bags of promotional jelly beans - the perfect addition to any event or promotion! Each bag is filled with approximately 8 delicious jelly beans, ensuring that each sweet treat brings plenty of flavour. Choose from nine vibrant colors including baby pink, red, black, blue, yellow, orange, green, white and purple. Best of all these mini promos are ready faster than you can say 'Yum!' - we can usually turn around orders in about a week depending on the quantity. Use these fun size treats for school carnivals, for customer giveaways or even fundraisers and corporate events - however you decide to use them, people will be sure to remember your brand!

Promotional bags measure 100 mm long x 70 mm wide (with sealed ends). 


These do not come with labels. If you wish to send us your company logo or other promo message to put on each bag, purchase the 'Promo Pack Labels' product available in this category.

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