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$1.25 Candy Bags

$1.25 Candy Bags

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Yes gorgeous quality candies....great party favours or treats for anyone

Pick your options, pick how many and so many uses

Party Favour Bags

Corporate give Aways

Treats for cars, market selling, anytime, any reason.

Bags each weight 75gm and are sealed individually as 75gm bags

This range is our wonderful Creature Mix or Horror Mix - not all listed will be in bags but a great range.

a) Creature Mix - Unique collection of Creatures could be turtles, sharks, worms, frogs, snails, huhu grubs, snakes, crocodiles, rainbow fish, etc

b) Horror Mix is also a unique mix of Halloween or fear factor goodies - Huhu grubs, worms, snakes, dracula teeth, dracula milk bottles, bats, feet, bones, flies, double headed worms, chicken feet, spiders, flies, skulls etc.

Each batch will vary from photo and is made up fresh each wee

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