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Black Fig Pistachio Chocolate Bar

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Black Fig Pistachio Chocolate Bar

Limited Edition & a gorgeous decadent gift...The black fig pistachio bar is made with dried black California mission figs and whole roasted California pistachios. The black figs are lusciously sweet and provide a complex texture that combines chewy flesh, smooth skin, and crunchy seeds. The pistachios add a light crunch and nutty complement to the fruit and dark chocolate. The black figs are certified organic and contain no sulfites.

It’s one of life’s fabulous little pleasures.

Jcoco gives. - each bar has a give back

Vegan Bar

NEW in to CRAZY Candies - Exclusively in NZ.
Absolute Decadence - Seattle Chocolate Company, known for carefully-crafted chocolate, unveiled its new collection with both dark and milk chocolate offerings.
- Gluten-Free & Non-GMO

1 Bar = Package Includes three (3) individually wrapped 1 oz bars in it

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