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Candy Art Tongue Tattoo's (Girl)

  • 140

  • Each pack contains 8 temporary tongue tattoos with assorted flavors and designs
  • The only tatto with explosive taste - Sugar-free
  • Candy tongue art
  • Interactive fun for kids of all ages
  • Star-K kosher certified
  • Tung-Toos are flavored, edible candy that form temporary tongue tattoos.
  • The explosive burst of flavor is sugar free and contains no fat, sodium, carbohydrates or calories.
  • All tattoo's 2" x 1.5" or larger
  • Tung-Toos are made in the United States in ISO certified and HACCP certified factories.
  • Pictures/Tattoo vary with each batch
  • Unit = 1 (1 x 8pc pack/sleeve) - see 2nd picture
  • Unit = Box, is the whole Box of 30 packets (8 pc x 30)

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