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Chilli Candy Lix Lollypops

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Chilli Candy Lix Lollypops

Real chili pepper infused hard candy suckers.

Hot pepper lollipops from Hotlix are shaped like a hot pepper and will warm up your tongue with one of three pepper flavorings. They’re sweet, but these chili lollipops will impose some tingly heat once your tongue hits them.

Not for the faint of heart, they pack an addictive heat!

Make them part of your next fiesta or add to your lunch bag to spice up your day, halloween, trick n treat, valentine, xmas stocking - anytime

Chili or Chilli? who knows but either way these are winners - not want chilli, try our giant gummy pickles or peppers

Individually-wrapped lollipops

Flavors include Red Chili, Jalapeno and Habanero - Proudly made in the USA

Random selection, but if you want a certain type, or all flavours, you need take 3

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