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C & H Pear & Blackberry Drops Tin

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C & H Pear & Blackberry Drops Tin

Hard candy fruit drops in tin cases. These candies can satisfy your taste buds with its fabulous pear and blackberry flavor.
Keep this tin case with you and grab a candy and enjoy these candies wherever you go.

200 g. tin

Cavendish & Harvey is the premium brand for fruity candies and confectionery specialities.

If you enjoy a fruity indulgence you will get your money’s worth with Cavendish & Harvey.

The various and extraordinary flavours within the premium gold tin offer multiple treats for every appetite.
Luxury drops with their mouth caressing dent are sealed for high quality freshness.

Made in Germany

(You are buying a tin that is 200gm , picture on tin may vary each season)

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