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Pop Rocks Strawberry

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The original top selling popping candy is back, and this time it's more poppin' than ever before! Pop Rocks sold more than 500 million packets in 18 months in the 1970's and became the hottest selling candy in history.
Tip some in your mouth and taste the strawberry explosion of poppin', crackin', fizzin' candy on your tongue.

Warning: one packet is never enough!
Heston Blumenthal popping cake: "Don't tell your guests about the popping candy in this simple chocolate ganache gateau. Instead, sit back and watch the surprise on their faces as the base starts exploding in their mouths. This dessert is the perfect excuse for getting the power tools out, namely a paint gun which can be bought at any good hardware shop. It’s great fun to use and the effect is spectacular but the gateau has to be frozen for it to work."

Units 1 = 1 single sachet (no box)

Units 10 = 10 sachets (no box)

Unit Box = 36 sachets

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