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Sea Salt & Toffee Henna Heart

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NEW in to CRAZY Candies - Exclusively in NZ.

Absolute Decadence

Limited Edition

Seattle Chocolate Company, known for carefully-crafted chocolate, unveiled its new collection with both dark and milk chocolate offerings.

Rich assortment of gluten-free and kosher truffle boxes, celebrate every type of love and'll see colors and patterns as vibrant and fresh as all the special people in your life.

 Mothers Day, Anniversary, thank you gifts, love you, valentines, easter, any day....these are going to be a winner

Sea Salt & Toffee Chocolate Heart: A gesture for those wanting the perfect blend of sweet and salty! Crunchy toffee and sea salt in decadent milk chocolate.

Deep purples and cool blues combine in a whimsical pattern on the outside and San Juan Sea Salt toffee milk chocolate truffles on the inside 3 oz


Gluten Free

Non GO

Seattle Chocolates has been delivering smooth, all natural satisfaction in every bite since 1991.

That’s because to us, chocolate is more than an exquisite treat. It is also a way to connect, a gift, a salve.

It’s one of life’s fabulous little pleasures.


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