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Warheads Sour Dippers Pucker Pack

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New Sour Dippers Pucker Pack

1 Bag = 1 pack of 8 packets.  67.2gm per retail bag
(picture shows 2 bags, and shows an example of the inside of the bag to give you an idea)

They took the most popular Sour Dippers and made them pocket-friendly! War head Candy

It’s the only “lick&dip” candy with BOTH a sour stick and sour powder!
Available everyday in two flavor combinations.
Sour Watermelon and Green apple, and or sour blue raspberry and sour cherry - mega sour to my tongue!!!!
Get ready to blow your mind with this exciting powdery WarHead experience, fit for the most adventurous of candy lovers.
Indulge with care!


*****BEST Before is 31st March 2017 - these will be fine to eat for ages yet - they are NOT expired..simply the manufacturer date of year from making as a guide.




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