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TNT Sour Lollipops

Introducing TNT Sour Lollipops - the ultimate treat for all sour candy lovers! These lollipops are not your average candy - they are packed with a delicious bubble gum surprise in the centre. With an explosion of tutti-frutti flavour, each bite will leave your taste buds tingling with delight.

Not only do these lollipops taste amazing, but they also come in three fantastic flavours - blue raspberry, strawberry, and green apple. You'll never get bored with these assorted flavours to keep your taste buds on their toes. And at approximately 17 grams per pop, they're the perfect size for a quick sweet fix or a fun treat to share with friends.

But what truly sets TNT Sour Lollipops apart is their perfect balance of sour and sweet. The initial burst of sourness will make your lips pucker, but then the sweetness of the bubble gum will kick in and create the perfect harmony of flavours in your mouth. It's a taste sensation that you won't be able to resist!

TNT Sour Lollipops are perfect for any occasion - whether you're looking for a fun snack to enjoy at home or need a unique treat for a party, these lollipops are sure to be a hit. They also make a great addition to candy gift baskets or goodie bags for a special event.

So why settle for boring old lollipops when you can have TNT Sour Lollipops? Indulge in the perfect combination of sour and sweet and experience a whole new level of candy enjoyment. Trust us, your taste buds will thank you! Order yours today and get ready for a flavour explosion like no other.

TNT Sour Lollipops Ingredients

Sugar, Corn Syrup, Acidity Regulators (330, 325, 270), Gum Base, Artificial Flavours, Humectant (422), Artificial Colours (129, 133, 102).

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