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Jelly Beans 16 g. Bags - Mixed Colours (Promo)

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Jelly Beans 16 g. Bags - Mixed Colours (Promo)

Mixed Jelly Beans 16 g. Bags  (promotional) - 3 or more colours in a bag.

They have approx 8 count jelly beans in each bag and can have any mixture you like in each bag.
There are 9 colours to choose from - blue, green, white, yellow, orange, purple, black, dark pink (red) and baby pink
These are GREAT for school fairs, treats for giveaways for promotions, corporates etc.

GLUTEN free Jelly beans made in NZ

Allow a week normally for turn around of these orders and can be done to any quantity.


These do not come with labels. If you wish to add labels with your company logo or other promo message on each bag, purchase the 'Promo Pack Labels' product in this category.

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