How To Create An Elegant Candy Buffet

Almost everyone would agree that you can't go wrong with candy! Whether it's a baby shower, wedding, birthday party or corporate function, a well-presented Candy Buffet can be the star attraction of any celebration.

If you are thinking of including a Candy Buffet at your next event, here's a few tips that should help you create a candy masterpiece that steals the show!

Candy Buffet - Pink Theme

1) Colours and Theme

Unless your party theme and colours are a given, like a baby shower, Halloween, or a branded business event, then this is the first thing you will need to decide.

One or two colours are ideal for most occasions like weddings, graduations and baby showers. An all white candy buffet for a wedding reception looks absolutely gorgeous.

For corporate events, you should be able to easily source candy that matches your corporate or brand colours

For a kid's birthday party, the options are endless. You might want to create your Candy Buffet around their favourite fairy tale, comic book or movie.  If you want to keep it a bit more generic, consider a rainbow theme as kids love the bold bright colours.

2) Types of Candy

Include a variety of different types of candy as everybody on your guest list will have a different preference. Some people prefer soft gummy lollies, whereas others will opt for long-lasting hard candies.  You should include at least 5-6 different types of sweets, preferrably around 8-10 types.

3) Display Tables

Working from the ground up, the first thing you need is a suitable platform to display your candy. You don't want anything that's too deep or your guests won't be able to reach the candy at the back. Differing display heights can be helpful in showing off all the delicious options, but be careful that the display flows from one height to the next and doesn't look mismatched or cluttered.

Your tables should have a covering that is in theme with your buffet.  Either full length tablecloths or fabric that matches or compliments the colours of your candy. 

Important Tip: Iron your tablecloth so that you can't see all the fold lines!

4) Backdrop and Decorations  

Don't go overboard with decorations or it will look cluttered and messy. Your candy containers must be spaced out enough to allow for the candy to be served easily into the party favour containers/bags by your guests.

Use a backdrop if possible, coloured in the theme of your party and include a sign or banner that captures the event in a few words.

Happy Birthday Candy Buffet

A tasteful garland of flowers, balloons or something else relevant to your theme can be a nice touch, but again, don't go overboard.

Include labels on your candy containers to let your guests know what type of candy is within.  If you do a Google search for "candy buffet labeling templates" there are more options available than you could ever imagine.

5) Serving Containers & Utensils

You should use a variety of different sized containers.  You will need larger containers for bulky sweets like marshmallows and smaller ones for the likes of M&Ms or jelly beans.

Antique glass or crystal vases, jars and bowls are ideal for displaying your candy.  You can be creative and use whatever vessels you like, but try to keep them in theme and always consider the ease of self-service for your guests. For example, containers with a narrow neck aren't going to be easy for your guests to scoop candy from!

Candy Jars

Don't forget to provide scoops and tongs for your guests to serve their candy.  If you are using glass containers to hold your candy, you should probably use plastic scoops and tongs to avoid chipping the glass.  Also think about the most practical way to serve each type of sweet i.e. provide tongs with marshmallows, gummies and other soft candy, and provide a scoop for smaller, hard or round candies.  

6) Party Favour Bags and Boxes

If you want to allow your guests to take home their own personal goodie bag or party favours, you will need to provide some bags, tins, jars, pots or small boxes with your Candy Buffet. The options here are endless! From crafted silver filigree boxes to paper bags, it's really up to your imagination. If you are stuck, try a Google or Pinterest search for "candy favor boxes" or "candy favor bags" and you will find thousands of ideas.

Purple Party Favour Bags

Hopefully we've given you some ideas to get you started. We would love to see some pics if you do design your own Candy Buffet, so send them in!