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A beloved confectionery manufacturer, Kiwi Empire Confectionery, has turned its back on Kiwi candy retailers and the Kiwi public who have supported the company for generations and made it what it is today.

Since 1935, Empire Confectionery has been manufacturing rock candy, marshmallow bars and chocolate products. Some of their more well-known products include Feijoa Rock, Kiwifruit Rock, Rainbow Bars and the ever popular Frosted Caramels and Frosted Caramel Bars. They are one of the only large-scale producers of boiled (rock) candy in New Zealand and their marshmallow 'Rainbow Bars' and Frosted Caramels are very much unique to Empire.

However, since around September 2023, Kiwi Empire Director, Ravinder Parmar, has been lying, making excuses and ignoring attempts by Kiwi candy retailers to purchase the Empire products.

So why has Kiwi Empire Confectionery turned its back on their Kiwi consumers, who have been handing over their hard-earned cash for almost 90 years to support the local manufacturer? One of our sources told us that they are now manufacturing their products for a Chinese buyer, and that is the reason why New Zealand consumers have been left out in the cold.

Whatever the reason, we believe this failure by Kiwi Empire Confectionery to maintain supply of its products to the New Zealand people whose loyalty built their company is apalling. However, we remain hopeful that they will see the error of their ways and reinstate supply to Kiwi consumers sometime soon.