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Jelly Beans 30 g. Bags x 100 - Single or 2 Colour (Promo)

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Jelly Beans 30 g. Bags x 100 - Single or 2 Colour (Promo)

Single colour or 2 colour Jelly Beans 30 g. bags (promotional).

30 g. bags = approx. 15 - 16 count jelly beans in each bag.

These are GREAT for school fairs, treats for giveaways for promotions, corporates etc..
Single colour choices are - Baby Pink, Dark Pink, Black, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Green, White, Purple.

GLUTEN free Jelly beans made in NZ

Allow a week normally for turnaround of these orders and can be done to any quantity.

The bags are 110mm long x 73mm wide (including the sealed ends).

(Bagging machine weighs to nearest gram/count - so will vary slightly as each batch the beans could have a very small variation)


We can produce labels, so if you wish to send us your company logo or fun/promotional details to put on each bag - just ask for a quote.

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