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Kurols Mentholated Pastilles

Kurols Mentholated Pastilles

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Kurols Mentholated Pastilles.

They help clear your blocked nose and soothe your sore throat.
Yes the original Made in NZ
Good for Conditions: Sore, Throat, Strep, Inflammation, Congested, Nose, Cold
Kurols lozenges may also aid in smoking cessation by providing a clean mouth feel.
1 Bag = 85gm bag retail
Active Ingredients:
Peppermint 0.5%, Eucalyptus oil 0.398%, Aniseed Oil 0.299%, Tincture Benzoin 0.1%.
Ingredients: sugar, corn syrup, essential oils above (155, 133 color)
Made in New Zealand - Mayceys.

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