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Sweet 'n Sour Promo Packs 

Unleash the fun at your next event with our Sweet 'n Sour Promo Packs! 🍬 No one can resist the lure of candy, and we've packed a punch into each cellophane bag, delivering a lip-smacking combo of sweet and sour gummy goodness.

These little bags of delight are not just about the taste; they're your ticket to becoming the talk of the town! Weighing in at approximately 20 grams of yum, these colourful gems make the perfect giveaway. Picture this: you're at a corporate event, doling out these irresistible treats, and bam – you're suddenly everyone's best friend. 🌟

But wait, there's more! Whether you're a marketing guru looking to sweeten the deal with clients, an event planner intent on creating memorable functions, or a school fair connoisseur, our Promo Packs are your golden ticket. 🎫 Fundraising? Check. Freebies that pack a punch? Double-check.

The clear cellophane wrapping means your tantalising treats are always ready for a show. Measuring 100mm by 70mm, they're the perfect size for pocketing—literally grab 'n go joy!

But peeps, the sweetest (and sourest) part? We're all about the hustle and bustle, just like you, which means we've got a turnaround time of around a week depending on how many you need. That's right – fresh, flavourful, and fast!

So let's get your brand on everyone's lips—quite literally—with our Sweet 'n Sour Promo Packs. Order now and watch as the simple act of giving away candy turns into your brand's moment in the spotlight! 🚀

Promo Pack Labels

Sweet n Sour Promo Packs do not come with labels. If you wish to add labels with your company logo or other promo message on each bag, purchase the 'Promo Pack Labels' product in this category.

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